VeriCheck Digital Checklist on iPad and iPhone

VeriCheckChoose the Checklist That Works Smarter, Not Harder

VeriCheck is an easy to use digital checklist and operational management platform designed to help you log and analyze day-to-day operations

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Reduces Complexity

Simplify checklists using corrective actions and conditional questions. Tedious checklists are quickly simplified using a digital checklist to ask the right questions at the right time.


Automates Measurements

Improve the accuracy of data and reduce staff time spent on checklists by automatically populating information from VeriTemp sensors and probes installed in equipment.


Streamlines Operations

Stop paying to digitize operational data. Enable staff to enter data digitally at the point of collection to reduce operational expense and invest in value-added services.

Flexible Checklist Design

  • Six Simple, but Robust Field Types including Photos
  • Custom Answer Validation with Corrective Action Follow Up.

VeriCheck Digital Checklist on tablet and desktop

Accountability Functionality

  • Receive SMS & Email Alerts for Overdue or Incomplete Checklists
  • Time Stamped Checklist Execution Records with User Names

Digital Checklist and Email Alert on smart phone and tablet

Centralized Record Keeping

  • View Checklist Executions Across Multiple Locations
  • Update Items, Execute Checklists, or Review Results Anywhere
  • Downloadable Reports

VeriCheck Digital Checklist on desktop, tablet, and smart phone

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